Thursday, May 31, 2012


With all it's imperfections, finally here is March in all its splendor!!
Isn't it a beauty!! But now, I havveee to tell you alll (yes there are many in there) the mistakes it's going to live with
1. 'M' of March is a square longer
2. The tiled roof should be only 18 squares per row, I have 19 in there
3. Because of mistake #2, the cottage is a square closer to the little bush. So I do  not have enough space to put in the fence. I am contemplating removing the sheep and putting in the fence instead. What say you guys??
4. The border at the bottom is an entire row lower than it should be

Can there be any more mistakes in such small a project. My goodness. If not for the beauty of the cottage, I'd have given up working on this looong back.

I am going to take up the seashells next for a few days before I start April.

That my dear friends is my update for today. Till my next one.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Anonymous said...

Oh it's lovely and you can't see the imperctions!
Great colours, so pretty.

Edgar said...

It's such a pretty finish - I like it without the fence.

Meari said...

I wouldn't have noticed any of the mistakes. It looks great!