Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some baking, some beading and some stitching...

Hello friends, here I am with my weekly update. I have realized it's much more fun to provide an update in the beginning of a week s as soo much has happened over the weekend. So, here I go...

But then the weekend was mostly an @ home weekend. We hardly stepped out except to pop into mom's place for a while. But quite a bit of crafting/hobbying happened. Should I say any more to understand that it was a great weekend?

Firstly, my cousin and I decided to try our hand at baking a new recipe - a mango cake. But then we have these scheduled power failures, in Chennai now, from 2-4pm daily!! So we had to time it accordingly. I put the cake in to bake and when there was still about 10 minutes to go for the cake to finish, boom went the power!!! Could there have been a worse thing to happen for a cake?!

Finally, though the cake was not un-cooked, it was still a little sticky than fluffly. I assume it was to do with the power cut. Any other thoughts to that?
This was the final cake, does it not look yummy..

It really was. The recipe that I used is here. I substituted the eggs with 2 cups of milk.With all the sugar and the mango, I thought it was a little too sweet. Am definitely going to try this again, and time it better around the power cut :)

Then there was some beading too for V.

When we started, I was actually in no mood to bead. But V's enthu' for some activity rubbed off on me and we ended up with this cute set. V picked up the center piece used as 'pendant', she wanted some pink and some glitter.. so here is the end product.

I made a dish called Pesarattu for dinner. This is basically a type of pancake made with green gram and rice. 

The best accompaniment is a dollop of butter, but as there was none at home, I had it with jaggery.

I am almost done with March, but am going to show it to you only on finish...

So, dear friends, with that I take leave today. Till my next update.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Meari said...

Yummy looking dishes. If you subbed milk for eggs, that could be the reason the cake was flat (and probably dense).

Anonymous said...


Delicious looking cooking!
have a great week.

Melissa said...

Hi Akila! I'm a new follower :)

I have GOT to say the food looks absolutely DELICIOUS! I'm going to try the mango cake this weekend :)

Happy Stitching!!