Monday, May 21, 2012

TUSAL, progress

Hello friends, let me show you my TUSAL for May 2012.

Being a Monday, I think it would be great if I gave you an account of my weekend. I downloaded angry birds onto my kindle fire..

oops, did I make a mistake by doing that?! Boy, is it addictive. Now all 3 of us at home fight for our turns at the kindle. It's great fun. I used to hate reading books on the computer. But the kindle is a different thing altogether. I now read so much, am simply loving it

Saturday evening we took V out for a movie. It's a kiddie movie "Chota Bheem"

When we entered the theater, it felt like the kids were out on a picnic. There were kids all around. When the movie started, they were all singing the title song together, clapping and cheering on Bheem's introduction. It was such a cute experience. For a while we were transported to being kids ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Just looking at the joy on all the young faces made the parents happy.

Sunday was just a lazy day at home.

A colleague had come from UK and look what some of my colleagues from there sent for me

Jinxed as it may be, March is definitely marching forward.
I cannot believe the number of frogs I had to do in this. In fact, the 'M' of March is a whole square longer than it should be, causing everything after that to go down a line!! I realized the mistake much later. Thankfully, everything below the 'M' is evenly incorrect. So, I am just letting it be. I think of all the projects I have worked on, this must be the one with the maximum frogging!!! Still, I am loving the way it's shaping up and hope to finish it over the week.

That, dear friends, is my update for today. Till my next update.. Take Care.. Be Happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Anonymous said...


Sounds like a great trip to the cinema.

Your March cottage is looking great.

Meari said...

Sic the Angry Birds on the frogs to chase them away, lol.

The movie sounded like a lot of fun.

Cottage is looking great despite the froggy visits.

Nice TUSAL update, too. Pretty colors.