Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mid-week update

I've decide to call my updates just that.. mid-week updates :)

The weekend was another stay-at-home weekend, where we cooked a bit and stitched a bit. Was lot of fun just to laze around and not do too much.

On saturday we had a nice dinner with Rotis and Reshmi kofta curry, recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor

It was a fat-laden one, with a lot of cashew, fresh cream, paneer and yoghurt :) So, needless to say it tasted absolutely yumm

V again wanted to cook something. So we decided to bake some cup cakes and try our hands at frosting and "decorating" if you may call it that

I think the initial attempt was not bad at all. I used vanilla and mint butter cream frosting. I did not have green food color, so used yellow for the mint. For the "art" we added some cocoa to the left over frosting and used that up too.

We then caught up on a movie called "No one killed Jessica". This is based on a true story and was an awesome movie

On the stitchy front, I have a fair amount of progress on May
So, that is all the happenings from this front today. Till my next update..Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir :)

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Meari said...

May looks cute. The cupcakes are cute, too.... so colorful :)