Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday Update

Wow, can't believe half the week is already gone!! My weekend was a totally AT HOME weekend, except for V's PTA.
We had to complete 2 assignments over the weekend. First was to make something with coir or coconut shell. Options were aplenty no doubt, but did I have the time to finish? So, I took permission from her teacher to just create a chart with pictures of various items made out of coir/coconut shell.
Next project was to create a scrap book of TamilNadu. Now that was quite interesting. We had some colored A4 sheets and some hand-made papers, which we used for this. We loved putting these projects together.

Next V and I (yes she's a part of all my projects these days) decided to bake some cookies. It was to be chocolate choco chip cookies.

Oooh they were absolutely divine. V was totally thrilled that her cookies came out so well :)

And guess what, I actually FINISHED May cottage. I cannot believe it myself

I completed it in less than 3 weeks. This is definitely my fastest finish ever!!! Now I am going to take a short break from cottages and work on my seashells for a week or 2.

Looking back at the weekend, looks like I've spent a lot of time with V. Wow, it was absolutely great. One of my cousins says that these days V's like my best friend. Because, I do everything with her, and every time I step out (other than to work of course) V's with me, haha.

And guess what, V wants to start her first cross stitch project. A few months back, we saw a cross stitch kit for 8yrs and above. I apparently told her then that I'd get it for her when she's old. She turns 8 this month. So today morning she "gently" reminds me of my promise. Haha, so can you guess what my birthday gift for her is going to be?! ;)

So dear friends, with that I take leave today. Till we meet again.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Edgar said...

The cookies look delicious! "May" looks fabous, what a super job! Congrats.

Nima Titus said...

Beautiful stitching and yummier cookies

Meari said...

May cottage is so cute. It's wonderful that V wants to learn how to stitch. :)