Monday, February 11, 2013

TUSAL and a finish

Oh, sooo much has happened the last week. Let me start with a celebration.

My dear mom completed 60 years!! We had a small gathering at home. My aunts happened to be with us on that day. They had come down to Chennai to attend a wedding, so we had an impromptu gathering. I baked a cake of course.
My mother does not like chocolate cake. So baked her an almond cake with almond butter cream frosting. V did the frosting and the message. We initially started off with edible markers, but the frosting started sticking to the tip of the marker. So we used gel for the rest of the message

I tried a different version of the savory bread, with corn and paneer. 
This definitely is a super hit at home. The whole loaf is finished for a single breakfast. The hubby and V demand this for breakfast every Sunday now!!

Last night I baked some cookies. I call these health cookies, as I used a health mix powder instead of whole wheat. 
 The original recipe is for whole wheat walnut cookies from here. As I had a carton of the Manna health mix at home and not being used, I used that instead of wheat. The result was absolutely yummy. V had a few when they were still warm and was totally thrilled. Boy, I have been on a baking spree!!

Now for the TUSAL. 

 It's already the 2nd one of the year!!

 And finally, I have finished August, my version of it

Initially when I replaced the red with orange, I had a little doubt. But I love the was it has finished. I am also very happy with the Indian flag, standing there tall and proud. Now I am all set to start September. I have decided to finish the cottages fast and then resume the seashells.

Wow, quite a lot isn't it?? With that I take leave today. Till next time.. take care.. be happy.. keep stitching.. Au Revoir :)


Mylene said...

hmmmm, the cakes looks yummmmy!

Your August version looks lovely!

Happy hearts day!!

Meari said...

August looks very pretty!

Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom :)