Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March is all done

That's right, before I realize another month is gone and it's time to finish and put up March!!

I tried using beads instead of the satin, and a combination of satin+beads, instead of plain green. But it did not work out so well. Going to try that for the next months for sure.

Over the weekend I baked some cookies - oatmeal raisin.

Got the recipe from here. The basic recipe calls only for flour, but I used half oatmeal. It came out really nice and chewy, shall I go out and say "a lliiitttle bit like pepperidge farm". There I said it :d

September cottage is almost done, will post a completed picture in my next post. Oh, there's so much more to show. I have got some new tools, bit have not taken pictures yet. So more from me very soon ;)

Till then.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Mylene said...

Beautiful finsih. I so love the colours used with this design...
hmmm,yummmy cookies!

Meari said...

oooh, I like the green ribbon. It really brings out the green in the stitching.