Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March TUSAL and so much more

That's right, there's soo much to share with you all today. Let me start with the TUSAL for the month
All of the orts are from the cottages, mostly from September and a little bit of October.

I did quite some cooking over the weekend. Tried making veggie pasta in tomato sauce.

I added some mint leaves for some flavor. The family loved it.

One of my friends had shared this recipe of a 6-minute chocolate cake sometime back. As I had this terrible chocolate craving during the weekend and wanted something quick, decided to try this

And the result was surprisingly great. The texture was I think the best of all my cakes so far. I think from now this is going to be recipe am going to use for a chocolate cake. I also chopped some chocolate and added it in for some extra chocolatey flavor. The recipe is from here

The oven is acting up again!! Strangely the microwave portion is not working, but the convection is. So I managed to bake the cake during the weekend. I think we are just going to ditch this and get a new one. I say friends, never buy an IFB product. The after-sales service is pathetic. We logged a ticket for this oven last Friday, and the technician has not turned up till today. This is not the first time this is happening.

As I said during my last post, I bought a few tools to facilitate the stitching. A floor stand, an easel with magnetic chart holder and a cooling rack for the baking.

I mounted the fabric for October in this first, but later found that the sharp edges were damaging the tender jobelan. So, I removed the fabric from there and went back to my q-snaps. Do you have some tips on how to use this? How can I avoid the fabric from being damaged?

Oh and that's the material for November and December

And now to show you all the September finish

Doesn't it look beautiful. I have also started working on October now. I can't wait to finish all the cottages and start working on the shells now. V made a comment "Amma, by the time you finish the shells I would have finished school"!!! So, no way am going to let that come true.

That's it from me now friends. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep Stitching.. Au Revoir


Annette-California said...

I can't believe I was not following your blog till now. I know I see your posts on CC cottages:) Now I am a follower:) AS for your frame! Are the bars that you wrap your fabric on is where its snagging your fabric? Or the slits that you place your fabric thru? If so either of these problems can be solved (I hope). Take a piece of fine sand paper and sand down the bars. Beware it will crate some dust. So do it out in the garage or outside. Then take a damp cloth to wipe the bars free of dust. For the slits on the bars - slip the sand paper thru the each slit and sand each of the insides. then remove the sand paper and flip it over and sand again. does this make sense? Feel free to email me.
Lovely orts, Sept cottage is beautiful. And I am going to try the cake recipe:) love Annette

Laura said...

Your September cottage is so pretty, and I love seeing all the bright colors from it in your TUSAL jar. And I never thought of making a cake in the microwave. I might have to try that.

Meari said...

The link to the 6-minute cake didn't work :(

Congrats on your new tools!