Monday, July 9, 2018

Framed up and A new start

I got 3 of my most recent finishes framed last week

It took me about a year to finish stitching this!! I remember starting this in the first week of Jan 2017 and put in the last few stitches on 2018 New Year's eve (31 Dec 2017)!!!
The BookShelf by Little House Needleworks

Being a coffee lover that I am, I have been wanting to stitch a coffee pattern for ages and was hunting for a good pattern. I found this pattern on Pinterest and fell in love with it. Here's the pattern -
This is a gift for a very dear friend. She loves coffee as much as (if not more than) I do and our friendship grew over cups of coffee. We met in June 1998 and this year, as we celebrate 2 decades of friendship, what's a better gift than a perfect cup of coffee!!

 This was a no count long stitch kit from anchor. I worked on it for more than a year definitely and I have absolutely no clue when I finished this
I found this finished piece hidden in my crafts chest while searching through my stash for threads!! I had to get it framed. I gave this as a gift to my parents

Isn't it an absolute pleasure making things for others and what happiness we feel when we see the happiness on the receiver's face. 

I have started working on Rose, which is also a pattern from Pinterest. Here's the link to the pattern -

I am stitching this on perforated paper and using all threads from my stash. This year I am trying to use up as much material from my stash as possible and put them to good use
The original pattern was a blue rose. But as I did not have any of the called for shades of blue, I swapped to a Red Rose. I think the shades are really working out well together, and I am very happy with the change. I was really scared how this would turn out as this is the first time I am ever changing the shades so drastically
This is going to be a gift to one of my cousins, who has been asking me to stitch something for her

That's all from me today friends. Signing off on a happy, high, satisfied note. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir

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Meari said...

Congrats on framing your pieces. They look beautiful!

Would you mind sharing what color #'s you used on the rose? I'd like to stitch it up, too!