Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer is here

Ohh yes, that's right.. it's May and very much into the summer.
Vacation has started and it's time to think how to keep V occupied, something that interests her, something useful, but not related to studies. Now for a girl, there are a whole lot of things that could be done.
So, we have been to the library once so far and borrowed a few books. For the first time I allowed her to pick the books that she wanted, so am I learning to let go?? I don't know, but it was a lot less stressful to allow her to handle even the smallest thing. We then went to this fair, where self-employed ladies, who were mostly home makers, had made kits of various kinds. We bought one of those, which had a finished shape of moon/sun made of plaster, but had to be painted. Now, that's how the vacation started.. let's see how the rest of it goes.

Summer and mangoes go hand-in-hand. I decided to try my hand again at mango cheese cake.

I used britannia cream cheese this time (I had used home made paneer the first time) and the result was awesome.

Tried the coffee milkshake last sunday afternoon.
Added a liii'll bit of chocolate ice cream to it and topped with hershey's syrup of course.

Also baked a savory bread for breakfast
This is a tomato herb bread. It was great, but I think a little more kneading would have been good.

Now, on the stitchy front.. I have (finally) completed October

I changed the color of the cottage and made it all white as the original color was the exact same shade as my fabric. Also, this was stitched on jobelan. That's what 123 sent with my order instead of the regular linen. Jobelan is so smooth and soft to touch, loved the feel of the fabric.

I have now started working on November. And, oh I have to "finish" May!! Gosh, how fast a month can go by.

That's all from me today dear friends. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. And happy holidays :) Au Revoir

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