Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fabrics Fabrics

AAArrrggghhh!!! That's how I feel like screaming. I am trying to get some fabric shipped to my husband, who is returning shortly to India from Cupertino. The only site I know is yarntree and they have loads of fabric. So, now I have been reduced to a totally confused person, who is clueless about what to order. Can anybody ppllleeease tell me, what is good?
I have lots of 14ct aida with me. And I want to start some work on evenweave or linen. But I see soo many names on that site, Dublin, Diana Pearl, Edinburgh... the list is endless.
Thanks a ton :)


Chiloe said...

Did you know and have free shipping worldwide? Good to know, right? lol YOu can also order hand dye fabrics from Silkweaver (they are in the US and are very serious.) You can order a grab bag from (they do hand dye fabric but those are not washable - silkweaver are.)

You should go with the Zweigart fabrics (they are great.) In linen, the name changes depending on the fabric count. I don't like linen. I use evenweave and especially the 28 and 32 ct lugana. I also like the jobelan. YOu need to try to see what suit you the most. I first bought a small evenweave kit to see if I would love it or not and I did. No turning back !!! lol Everything looks better on evenweave and linen.

Online store in the US: (always check first if they have in stock what you need ;-) ) I know their customer service is great. has 20% off sometimes but you have to wait to get your goodies but I think the wait is worth it ;-)

Where is your husband right now? In the US?

Let me know if I can help you more ;-)

Deepa said...

Hello Akila,
I was trying to help a friend of mine and in the process came across your blog.
She's in blore and she wants 20-25 count aida cloth.She says wherever she goes they give her matty cloth.Is aida known by any other name in India?
Where are you located?