Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Have you ever felt

Like you need a weekend to get over a weekend? Well, that's how fast the last weekend went/flew!!! Aishwarya, Vaishnavi and I had a good time on saturday . Hope she enjoyed her day off as much as we did .

We made Aloo dum (an Indian dish with baby potatoes in gravy) in the evening. Got the recipe here. It was just yumm. Way to go Aishwarya (as she did the cooking) . We wrapped up the day with a very good tamil movie we had been wanting to watch.

With sooo much activity, could not get too much stitching done. But here are the pictures of my progress all the same.
A closer view of all the gold work.

I did some experimenting again with the features in my handycam. Tried my hand at the Manual mode for capturing pictures, rather than making use of the regular Auto mode. That's why the difference in both the pictures.

Now I am unable to get the settings back in the Auto mode . Gave up after trying a lot!!!

Hope everybody had a great weekend. Thanks a ton again for all your comments

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Aishwarya said...

It was best weekend i ever had so far.. gud fun n what's more, gud food [:)] luking forward to enjoy many such weekends with u n V [:)]