Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First cottage

Here I am with my first "finish" in 2013!! Well, this time a proper finish.

Jan is finally up on time.

I wanted a calendar. While contemplating on various ideas to assemble one, a friend suggested a memory board. So, here is a mix of a calendar and a memory board.I am quite happy with the way this has turned out.

There was another ornament that I finished for my friend Meari last year. Thank you Meari for your constant encouragement.

This was my first ever finish as a mounted ornament. I am definitely happy with the overall finish, but I think I could have done a better job. I used a variegated blue thread. Unfortunately I do not have the code. I have a leaning towards blue-n-white. So, used this on a 28ct linen. The pattern I used is a freebie from here.

That's it from me today my dear friends. Thank you very much for your kind comments on my earlier post :)

Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Nima said...

wow..that is an awesome finish..beautifully finished

Mylene said...

Beautiful finishes! Congrats!!

Meari said...

Love your calendar idea!

Thank you so much for the pretty ornament. You did good for the first time making a flat ornament!