Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finishing forms

I have been browsing (AGAIN!!!) for other supplies. I found something called finishing forms. Can somebody please tell me how useful they are? How are they used?

And guess what I did when I was browsing. I fell in love with this pattern library on patternsonline.

I now just can't wait to get my order from silkweaver and get working on one of these paterns. Also, now my wait for the fabric is shorter. Coz I got a mail today that my order has been shipped. Am all the more impatient now.

This reminds me of Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) where he is really really impatient to get his beanie. It's a hilarious one.

Have a great weekend ladies. And stitch lots :)


Meari said...

I google'd finishing forms to see what they were. I've never used them. I think cardboard and batting would work the same and be a lot more cost effective, but that's just me. LOL Have fun with your new chart!

Andrea said...

Finishing forms are made of metal and can be square, oblong or round. I've never used them myself. Board and wadding would do just the same thing and you can alter the size according to your project.