Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess what

I have ordered my fabrics from silkweaver !!! The waiting is the worst part of it. First DH has to receive it and then he has to return . This is going to be a real test for my patience!!!

This time I tried my hands at apple cinnamon muffins. This is again eggless.

This is while it was being baked. And...

here are the yummy muffins. Again, the aim was to make DD eat some apples. So, how best than to present it in a way she likes!!! But nope , she's much cleverer, my daughter after all . Anyways, it was real yumm.
On the stitching front, this is my progress on my bouquet.

Am going to make a card with this for DD's teacher. School finishes in the first week of April. And her teacher has been really sweet. Am sure DD would be delighted too :).

Thanks a ton again for all your encouraging comments :)

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Meari said...

What about using applesauce instead of apples? Maybe she won't notice ;)