Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have an award

And that's my first . Thanks a ton Chiloe for this wonderful award. That's very kind of you.

As the norm is, I am supposed to pass it on to 5 people. I don't know who have received this award already, as I am relatively new here. So, here I go. I would like to give it to Meari, Yuko, Lynn, Carol and Andrea.

My computer has been refusing to allow me to upload any pictures from my handycam. Kept throwing a funny error. I just found (a few minutes ago) that the culprit was a software I had installed sometime last week while I had to work from home to babysit!!! Imagine a world without google!!! Can you imagine ? The problem has been driving me nuts for over 2 weeks!!!

And guess what, I got a gift voucher of Rs.1400/- from my previous team. Thanks a ton guys. And this is one of my favourite stores. So, do I need to mention more?? ;)


Meari said...

Thanks for the award!

Yuko said...

Thank you Akila for this award!
I have received it before from someone else, so I will add your name on that page that I wrote about this award!
Thanks again!

Lynn B said...

Akila thankyou for the award I shall post this on my blog, hopefully today. Don't forget to leave me your email address so that I can contact you re your address for the PIF. I have not started it yet but you will get it within the 365 days as promised!

Andrea said...

Thank you for the award, how kind of you.