Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello Ladies

Wishing all ladies a very happy women's day!!! It is 00:12hours in India now. Just a quick post to wish all my blog and stitching friends a very happy women's day, before hitting the sack.

Today was quite a productive women's day eve. No, not in terms of cross stitch (wish it were). I was finally able to make it to the international handloom fair that's on here in Chennai. Bought blankets, cushion covers, bed covers and....., would the trip be complete without something for myself!!! YES, i bought a very pretty saree in a pretty green color and one for mom too .

In the evening, my search for a muffin tray ended at a store quite close to home!!! I was going to include that in my list to DH!!! I also found (well, actually bought too) where we get butterscotch topping, flaxseed powder, chocolate chip!!! Though I knew these were available somewhere in our city, had no idea where!!!

We celebrated women's day yesterday (Friday, 7th) at work. All women were asked to come in a sari and the best dressed woman was given a prize. We also had a few quick games. Though I do not have a picture of all women very prettily dressed, I do have a picture taken of the Rangoli that adorned our reception.

My picture does not do great justice to what it really looked like!! No celebration in India is complete without a Rangoli.

Oh and forgot to mention, I also bought a tin of circular altoids for a future project :d. So, one more to my stash!!!!

I plan to take my small work to MIL's tomorrow and work on it.

Some quick post this!!! Ok ladies, will bid adieu here. Have a ggrrreat day. Stitch loooots. As one of my colleagues told, PLEASE DO TAKE TIME OFF FOR YOURSELF THIS DAY!!!

Thanks a looot to all my dear friends for keeping me going.


Chiloe said...

Hope you had a great woman's day with plenty of time only for yourself !!!!!!!!!!

Meari said...

Sounds like a really fun Women's Day. No pictures of all you fancy dressed women??