Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An update...

Well, are the days just flying by??? Suddenly, I feel I am doing a lot of things. Ok, so here's what has been happening.

First, I tried something new in the cooking/baking front. I tried my hand at granola bars, something healthy for a change. It was extremely simple to make.

This was how the dough looked just before the baking. As usual, not enough lighting :( And after the baking and cutting..... Voila!!!

Don't they look yummy!!! and they really were. It was a big hit at home and with DD too, which is the most important factor. The main idea behind making granola bars was to somehow get her to eat some dry fruits.

On this stitching front, here's my new WIP.

This is a mini-kit I had bought more than 3 years ago when we were leaving Singapore to return to India.

I found a new way to carry around my small WIPs. This is a ready-to-stitch tote that my friend and I ordered from a site. Here's a closer look at the design.

I stitched this about 4.5 years back, when DD was just a few days old. I found this design in one of the books in the Singapore National Library, don't remember the book or the designer :(. But this is one of my all-time favorites. This has just been lying around and I had no clue how to put this to use, till I started this kit.

I am simply loving working on this kit. The colors are sooo refreshingly different from that of the peacock!!! Sigh, the peacock!!!

Ok ladies, time to hit the sack. Have a great day. It's already mid-week, just 2 more days for weekend .

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Meari said...

Cute bag to carry your stitching around in. Would you share the recipe for granola bars? Please... :)